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December 05, 2006



My view is that this is a policy problem as well as a maintenance problem. While the sidewalks do need some TLC, what is ALSO needed is a policy that any construction should leave the neighborhood in an equal or better condition than it was when the construction started.

For example, some of the sidewalk problems are caused by the heavy weight of cement trucks that parked on the street during the construction of the condos. There is simply no reason that the rest of the community should sustain collateral damage so that another part of the neighborhood can be improved. This is an issue for the City Council as well as for neighborhood advocacy.

I'm suggesting two proposals:

1.) any construction over a certain dollar limit should contribute a sum into a fund to repair collateral damage.

2.) a permit should be issued by the City for use of heavy equipment that has the potential for damaging city / public / communtity property. This permit should not have an onerous cost, but it is a way to track who was responsible and where the damage occurred. It would also pay for the City Inspector to photograph an area to determine the "before" condition to which damage can be compared.

3.) Neighbors should be notified of large scale consturction that may affect their community. They should also be encouraged to take photographs to document damage. This should be easy in an era of digital cameras in cellphones. This damage would then be fixed by the perpetrators.

OK.. my $0.02... all comments welcome.

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Almost the entire sidewalk on side of the street is cracked, destroyed or impassable.

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pedestrians never get any attentions, this happens everywhere


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