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November 16, 2006


Mary Ellen Navas

As a neighbor, I've been dismayed by the failure of the owners of this once beautiful house, to do anything other than strip it. It seems that once they were in action about the house (after the fire), their actions have been to reduce the house to a shell by removing anything of value from it, including woodwork and wainscotting; and leave it to the elements. The worst case is that it remains a blight, no actually the worst case would be if it became another terrible and tasteless development. BTW this house is known around the neighborhood beyond Walker. As I walked during my stint as precinct captain, several neighbors on Warfield who walk by it on their way to the bus stop on Lakepark asked me about it. It's an example of perceived inadequate City support for the neighorhood.

Amanda Brown-Stevens

Yesterday I saw workers at the house who seemed to be tossing chunks of two by fours out the upstairs window into another pile in the yard - I hope this is a sign that they are cleaning up, not making more of a mess.

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